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Banners or standing banner displays are absolute necessities when attending a trade show or conference.

Yet many exhibitors fail to adequately plan, and as a result, miss out on the many advantages of this simple yet effective marketing tool.

In the following article, we hope to make sure you’re not among them.

Let’s roll with the four reasons you absolutely must travel with your display in tow.

1. To Draw Attention to Your Exhibit

Choosing to display your banner or standing banner display in a prominent position with your branding near the top is the way to go. This can ensure every eyeball at the event has the potential to see you’re open for business.

2. To Quickly Communicate Key Benefits and Value

Capturing Attention for your business or organization is now more valuable than before.

As a business owner producing valuable content that can help you in any way leads to new and expanding business opportunities and long-term business relationships.

Micro speed.

Until you have the customer engaged, your window of opportunity is very small.

If we are moving at micro speed you have less than 10 seconds to capture your Audience Attention.

So use short, bulleted lists when designing your display. Make sure each item reflects a pain point of your target audience and offers or teases at the solution.

3. To Expand Your Reach

Pop-up banners and Rollup Pullup Banners at conferences can help call attention to your booth before they act on that urge, even if they’re located on the opposite side of the event center. To pull this off, your display should:

  • Show your brand or logo, particularly if it’s recognizable and trusted
  • Use vibrant colors that won’t confuse the messaging or disorient the visuals
  • Offer a memorable slogan that speaks to where the attendee is mentally
  • Be bold enough in font or imagery to be viewable from a long distance

4. Branding To Make the Most of Your Downtime

It does this by allowing your booth to attract and inform potential customers even when no one is minding the store.

A skillfully designed and constructed display will whet the appetite of your target audience. If the display is compelling enough, they’ll make a point of stopping back by the booth when staff is available.

Or, if the person is in a hurry, they can retrieve contact information and follow up at a time that is convenient for them.

Either way, it helps you and the potential customer make the most of staff downtime by ensuring your booth is working 100 percent of the time.

When Ready to Invest in Banners or Standing Banner Displays

Banners or standing banner displays can do much to grow your presence at a conference or trade show. But you have to take the quality of your products seriously.
This is your brand’s identity we’re talking about here. You need to think of it as an investment. Demand much from the people who want your business.

We understand that each field is unique and deserves a unique approach. Contact us today at Heylus Advertising Supplies for more information.


Heylus Advertising Supplies is a subdivision of Heylus Trading (Pvt) Ltd which is a wholly Zimbabwean owned company that was registered and incorporated in 2019.

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